juclecia firstJuclecia Sebine Re Elcritian

Due to the tragic murder of her mother, Princess Juclecia was exhausted of her royal position to Shudelmir and exiled into the rural district. Because of the nature of this tragedy, Juclecia suffered a bout of amnesia, forgetting much of her own identity. However, the details of her mother’s murder are soon brought to light by man named Marhakatte Orakhan Willight…

Shudelmir many years ago to seek adventure elsewhere. Though having left his home in a peaceful state, Calintz decided to return home years later only to find Shudelmir in chaos. The sheer growth of monsters, as well as the rise of two important factions, have left Calintz with no choice but to join the Schwarz Strum as the 7th Squad Leader.

Many rumors have surfaced about theorigin of the monsters. Particularly, the monster growth has been attributed to the enthroning of the new Emperor, Shulenlord. Many people believe that Vermillion, one of the two rising factions, is releasing the creatures in hopes of dethroning the new Emperor, and that the Emperor is retaliating against Vermillion in this same fashion.

Admits this conflict, political struggles between the fallen Princess, Juclecia, and the new Empress, Leona, have contributed a fair share to the chaos of Shudelmir. Having lost her mother to a senseless crime of murder, Juclecia was stripped of her royal authority and cast out into the rural district to conscript to the lifestyle of a mere commoner. Though Juclecia was entitled to inherit her mother’s throne, she held no say in the enthronement of the new Empress nor the Empress’ decision to abolish Juclecia’s royalty. Rallying the support of other nobles, Juclecia hopes that she can make Empress Leona’s dethronement and restore peace to her kingdom.

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